The cylinder puzzle with braille is designed for the visually impaired. But, with the texture and size, it is a great compliment for children of Ages 5-8 years old. The pieces need to click into place before another tile can move because the original design is for those who need to be able to hear the movement as well as feel the movement. This was the original size that was carved out of wood by the puzzle inventor (JongMan Kim.)

The cylinder puzzle with the modified size for travel compatibility is the best selling size. By having 8 rows by 8 columns, more complex and creative patterns can be made. It ts perfectly into your pocket to travel from work to home, making the perfect desktop toy to exercise your brain in the areas of concentration and creativity. By being able to visualize a pattern, then manipulate the empty space- the basic fundamentals of math are enhanced. Ages 8-108

The smallest cylinder puzzle with a key chain to accessorize. Individualize your accessory with your own unique pattern that you create!